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Welcome to the Korg i3 Tips page!


Click below for tips collected from our i3 friends:

Proffesor Korgenhoffer.jpg


The Korg i3...


Click here for a nice front view of the i3...

Click here for a nice rear view of the i3...

Click for a text decription of the EC5 layout submitted by Peter Ihnat...

And here for the ec5 schematic .jpg sent by Steve...

Click here for ideas submitted by Derek Hamilton and Guenter Nagler for saving changes made to effects parameters on the Korg i3...

Program Mode tip...

How to deal with dust accumulating under the screen...

Here is a link to 32 (Yes, 32!) terrific tips for the i3...

Click here for two tips provided by Ron Wilson. The first deals with his thoughts on the i3 manuals and the other on creating program groups, especially with the memory expansion kit...

A question submitted by Ashton and answered by Derek Hamilton regarding midi files with drum tracks defaulting to A11 Piano, with two workarounds...


Editing midi files on the i2, a fine tip from Peter Inhat...

Click here for an interesting discusion on the issue of using 720MB Double Density floppy disks disks vs. 1.44MB High Density floppy disks...

A great idea by Derek on how to create 4-layer deep combis on the i3...


Our guys have really been pouring over their Korg manuals (not that anyone can read them!).