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Welcome to my digital recording page!

The Korg D8

Korg D8.jpg

The Korg D1600


This page was not created to be a be-all and end-all resource on this subject, but instead, I created it to be an interchange of ideas submitted by our Korg i-series friends. No matter how basic the setup (and I have heard AMAZING music out of the simplest, most straight forward setups!), I feel it is valuable to share our ideas, which might benefit someone trying to record their music.

ST Audio DSP2000


The Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum EX
(They now make one for laptops!)

Audigy Hardware.jpg

Echo Layla 24/96 System


Here are a few ideas submitted by our friends:

Cakewalk basics by Derek Hamilton...

BUILDING A STUDIO, by Tapas Das (Very comprehensive) or, click on the appropriate page at left to see the photos!

Digital recording basics by Tapas Das...

Click here for a link supplied by Tapas Das: "AudioMIDI has published an excellent article on how to use your Laptop computer for recording audio. It explains in plain english what are the options available - USB/PCMCIA/Firewire - their relative merits and pitfalls, and what operative systems and peripheral devices to consider."

Portable workstation by Tapas Das

Firewire Data Transfer

A Sample Setup

Audio Cards and Setup - Juergen...

USB Latency