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Welcome to the Backing Sequence Page!

To me, this is the most exciting page I have ever started work on. It is one thing to share a program or a style, but a backing sequence represents the actual artistic expression using these tools. I hope you will consider adding your own creation here...

I will create sections for each of the i-Series keyboards. Your submissions, should you choose to contribute an effort, and I sincerely hope you will, should include the context within which the backing sequence exists, in other words, the styles, programs, etc. that the backing sequence draws upon, so that listeners with the same Korg model, or using conversion programs, can hear your creation  the exact same way that it sounds to you...To me, this is exciting. It's like having an i-Series friend come over to your house and sit down and play at your keyboard.

i30 Backing Sequences

The first i30 backing sequence was sent to me by DEV in Mumbai, India. It is a Hindi movie song, and it is wonderful! It is at backing sequence 0. As always, on i30 sets, load all files into a folder that is named exactly as the files, i.e. in this case, a folder named DEV.SET, then load the set into the i30 and enjoy dev's contribution!

Here is Dev's Second group of backing sequences, including one that uses a Tabla style, and it is called "Dadra Beat". The two sequences are at bsq1 and bsq2...

OK, Let's try again. Here is Glen's Country Jam again. Hopefully, it will automatically change from dobro to fiddle to guitar this time. Place all the files into a folder called CNTRYJAM.SET on your floppy and it's ready to load into your i30's. It's at backing sequence 0. Again, it's kind of rough, but the only way I could get to any magical parts was to make a few mistakes along the way...

i3 Backing Sequences

I'm very pleased to introduce you to the music of Alvaro Acevedo. Unzip the file, and copy all files to a floppy. Select "LOAD ALL", and then select "ALVARO". This will place the ARR, PCG and STY files first. Then select "LOAD ONE", and once in, select "BSQ". Use the up and down arrows to select the various sequences, and load them one at a time (You can load up to maybe 3 before you run out of memory, so one at a time is the safe bet. Enjoy!!!

New Alvaro Backing Sequence: Modern Latin...

Click here for a very special gift (mp3) from Alvaro: "The Star Spangled Banner" as performed by him on bass guitar - Sensational!