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Welcome to the Yellow Submarine Page!

Click here for 26 Hammond organ techniques donated by Charley Oram...

Below you will find a tutorial written by James Tubbritt. He describes a method for making a Korg i-Series style out of a midi file that began with the i3, and later was also possible with the i30. There are two parts, the actual tutorial and the midi file he uses as an example that you can download and follow along with:

Making a style from a midi file

Midi: The Walk Of Life

Submarine Detection. This is a small application that can detect chord progressions in your music files.

Sub Detector



Drum Loops that may be useful to you in your music creation efforts...

The favorites of our crew:


First Mate

The Lord Admiral

Links to great Midi sites:

Links to midi links


amsongs (Site for Lyrics)...