Can I layer sounds in program mode?  If it does it in arr. mode, there must

be a way? no?  maybe? :)





Hi Bob and all,

short answer 'No'

long answer 'Kind of'

You can use two sound sources therefore creating a layered effect. For

example you can use a piano as your single source but if, in the first page

of edit mode you change this to double mode then you can make your second

sound source anything you like - say strings. In this page you can alter the

volumes of the two sources so that they sit together correctly - you can

then go into the other pages which allow you to alter all the sound

parameters to get the whole sound the way you want it.

Experiment - if you need more help - just ask.



Thanks Derek!


I changed it to "double", but all I hear is the second sound. Which

parameter is the  volume?






Hi Bob,

Sorry for delay in reply - I went off line soon after my last post.

You will see a number prefixed by 'L' (for level). That's the volume - the

next parameter is the octave (which is related to organ pipes measurement)

32foot, 16foot, 8foot, 4foot.

Play around with these and the sound sources and youll be amazed what you

can create.

You'll also notice the detune parameter which alters the second oscilator

tuning to create thick strings if you use two string sources or a honkytonk

piano using two piano sources.

And the delay parameter which delays one source against the other to create

echo effects etc.

Try them!

Save your results to a program on the user bank that you don't use.

Mind you - I should have said that it's advisable to do a full disk save

before you start all this playing around just to be sure you can always get

back to where you started. If where you started was the factory presets then

no problem - you can get these back from either yur original disks or from

Glens website.

All the best