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Welcome to my links page!

There are an awful lot of good folks out there with lots to share , and hopefully I can help you find some of them...

Korg i-series and related links:

Email Glen

Craig Bell's "Awareness Engine", anticipating the new Korg arranger...

i3 Mailing List. A world-wide list for the free discussion of Korg "i" issues. To suscribe to the list, click HERE and in body of the email, type: "subscribe korg" (without quotes). Then to post to the list, click on the second item below:

To post to the list, click here...

Korg i-30 Discussion Forum. Great folks talkin' about a great keyboard... 106,000 hits at last count!

Ralf Schiller's Korg i30 page. Complete listing of all arrangements, programs, styles. Useful downloads.

Korg.net...Some of the very best styles I have ever seen for the i-series. I bet their programs are killer, too. Also a good place to get the complete version of Milan Markovic's KIT program...

Link to the Korg PA80 Yahoo Forum...

Click here for a terrific link for the Korg M/T Series...

A discussion group for the Korg CX/BX-3 organs...

Click here to jump to a website relating to computer and synthesizer sound creation called "computersound.net"...