Some information about saving effects parameters of programs on the i3,

submitted by Derek Hamilton and GŁnter Nagler



You have to write a new arrangement and set the effects parameters there -

i3 has different effects parameters in Arr mode from Prog mode.

I'ts a bit complicated I'm afraid but to explain - if you use your new saved

program in another arrangement then the set effects parameters for the

arrangement will override the program effects.

Have a look in the arrangement effects - but bear in mind that the effects

chosen will apply to the whole arrangement unless you route it properly.

Confused? So was I for a long time and still am to a certain extent. The

manual is not very helpful.


> I edited and saved a program to D81.When I choose that program while in

> an arrangement, the changes (effect form reverb to delay) didn't apply. I

> check it in program mode, the change has been made and saved?any ideas?


Arrangement mode has its own effect settings that are applied to all channels

according to the C & D effect levels.


i3 has only 2 effect processors, so you can use them in program mode for one

sound or in all other modes for whole song.

Default setting in arrangment mode is using hall (reverb) and chorus effect (GM



You could set in arrangment C or D to your special effect and the other one to

hall or chorus and set effect levels for C and D so that

the special effect does not affect all channels.




> Could you tell me where to assign the effect I want (dual delay)to the kyb1

> program, without it affecting the whole arrangement?


in arr mode you should find a page where parameters C and D can be set for each

part (drum, bass, ..., kbd):values 0-9

(program & mix)


0 should not influence the sound

9 is maximum influence by effect


e.g. remain C effect hall and assign dual delay to D

and set low effect level values (0) for D to all except kbd1