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Welcome to my MP3 page!

Here's a bit of fun I had with my 13 year old son, David. He played the Stratocaster guitar and Precision bass (both left-handed). His poor little hands got sore playing that repetitive bass pattern, so he dropped it now and then, but picked it right up again. I created the sequence on the i30, played a little extra drums, and the organ. He did the rest and I added the vocals (lot's of luck!) at the last just to get somewhat of a finished product. Here is our just-for-fun rendition of "Light My Fire" originally recorded of course by The Doors...

A favorite chord progression of mine, borrowed from an old blues song. Sequence created on the Korg i30 and accompanied on the Korg CX-3 combo organ, played through a Motion Sound rotary speaker, something I call "Still Got The Blues Revisited", and recorded with Korg D8, 4 mics on the rotary speaker and two direct in from the i30 off the mixing board...

Here we will create links for you to click on to sample some of the things that can be done on the i-series keyboards. Maybe I should call this "The FenderBender Page", because you will hear selections of our two person band called the "The FenderBenders". The FenderBenders are Glen Hyskell and Anna Moore (that's my wife, folks! A truly lovely lady with a great sense for music. Her instincts and ideas are always spot on, and I really like having her for my musical partner).


We've revamped out equipment setup quite a bit since this picture was taken, adding the CX-3 combo organ (creating kind of an "L" shape to our layout), and rotary speaker cabinet, and placing all the rack mounted stuff in a roll-away cabinet that sits next to the powered mixer with channel insert compression running back and forth from 4 of the channels that tend to peak, which results in nicely balanced sound now, even in live reinforcement.

Glen's OTHER passion:


The MP3's:

We had a rather bad experience with my brother-in-law. Just when I asked Anna if anything good was ever going to come out of it, I wound up writing (and just for jollies copyrighting) this song. We call it "Yourself". We created the sequence on the Korg i30 and added vocals and Fender Telecaster guitar (with a little bit of a bite to it)...

Do you remember Joe Cocker? Do you remember Woodstock? Here is an instrumental version of "With A Little Help From My Friends". We tweaked a midi file that was given to us by Klaus Pingel of Germany, and accompanied it (as played on the i30) with the Korg CX-3 Combo Organ that I named "Hanna" after Anna, and because it reminds me so much of the Hammond organ. It is played through a motion sound rotary speaker. Most of the time we create our own backing sequences, but once in awhile a midi file is so tempting, we can't resist!

When I was growing up, I was (and still am) a big fan of Don & Phil Everly. They were right there in '56 helping to start it all, the birth of Rock n' Roll. Here is the FenderBender version of "Let It Be Me". This has to be one of the most beautiful romantic songs ever written, and of course, no one did it like the The Everly Brothers, but we couldn't resist firing up the old Korg ix300 and creating this sequence...

1967...It was a VERY good year...The Beatles were reinventing themselves, Jimi Hendrix came back from the UK to blow everyone away with his amazing music (He is buried in my home town. I make a pilgrimage there once in awhile). And along came a group that was the best of several groups, American and English: Crosby, Stills & Nash (and let's not forget Young). Graham Nash in particular, who came from The Hollies, blew me away. Here is Graham's "Southbound Train", which he performed with David Crosby. This was created on the Korg i30, and we accompany it with vocals (with a little help from the ih), and accoustic guitar...