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Welcome to all my Korg friends, old and new!
This site is dedicated to the Korg i-Series...

Check out the guest map. We Korgies are truly global!

Available now...the complete set of Korg i30 manuals, on the "i30 Tips and Downloads" page...

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The Grand Old Lady=180 pixels wide

Here you might find a few juicy tidbits, maybe a style, maybe a good patch, instructions on how to install a hard disk, some good links to other Korg sites, maybe a picture of one of our fellow Korgies enjoying their music!

Look around and have fun!

And don't let the i30 pictured above fool you. I have gathered up some good old i3 goodies as well...


Click here for a great place to get parts related to the Korg i-Series...

What ROM do you have? How do you initialize your Korg keyboard? Where is your preload? Click here...

The Korg Karma...


Click here to read an enthusiastic review of this terrific keyboard...

New Product News...

The new i1? Sort of...Korg's new SP-500...


Digital Piano on a budget? Korg's new SP-200...


Korg's Most Excellent new BX-3!


Dude, The Totally Awesome New Korg Triton Studio!

Triton Studio.jpg

Budget Minded? Korg's New Triton Le...