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Welcome to a page that is close to my heart...

Grand Old Lady.jpg

The Grand Old Lady deserves another look, don't you think?...

My first experience with the i30 was drooling over it in the Korg Proview magazine. I would carefully compare the specs with those of my ix300. I kept asking myself, should I really consider the expense? I guess the main crossroads that I had reached and what had really put me over the edge was the fact that I had exhausted the base of style resources available on the i-series up to this point. The i30 represented an entire new world of style possibilities. Little did I know just how much that world was about to change.

The day finally came when I placed my order... and I waited for that magic day when it would finally arrive...Well... it was love at first sight. Talk about a magical moment when I opened up that box and saw it there! It was love at first touch, too. It was love at first listen... Those feelings have never left me. This truly was the flagship of the i-series. I thank God everyday for this keyboard coming into my life, and for all the wonderful friends I have met along the way that share my passion for it...

i30 Tips... I thought I would start out with a tribute to the true custodian of this magnificent keyboard, Pete Charlesworth. No other person I know of, knows or loves the i30 more than he...Click here for the first of several great ideas, many of which are Pete's and some of which are from the rest of us mere mortals! I will place the first tip here just to get things started, and then put the rest of them on the next page. This first one is for changing voices in a sequence...

Click here for two files contributed by Pete. These are two complete sets for the i30 that came from the i3 factory presets. For those of you who are former i3 owners, this might be a nostalgic trip down memory lane...


Here is a mellow i30 set contributed by Jerry Farmer that has, among other things, some nice elements borrowed from the i3, called "Bodas"...

Here's Jerry's i30 set called "Country i3"...

Jerry's i30 set called "Tanz1"...

Jerry's i30 set called "Pasodobl"

Jerry's i30 set called "PianoBar1"...

Glen's .SET of favorite styles...

Pete's "Acker.SET" as contributed by Jerry S., with a terrific "Stanger on the Shore" clarinet...

Here are some great styles for you to try. As you get to experience this great board, you will want to begin creating your own custom sets of up to 48 styles each that you can load into this keyboard. As we go along, we will introduce you to a couple of different ways to accomplish this...BTW, because you cannot download the entire folders, you can download all the files for a given style, and then on your pc place all of them in a folder, and name that folder EXACTLY the same as the individual files. For example, if you are downloading all the "latin.prg", "latin.arr", etc. files: Create a folder called "latin.set" and put all of them into it. Copy this to floppy, and you have a complete set that is ready to load into the i30 in one easy step.

The '50's...

8/16 Beat - Part One

Big Band

Blues (Ah, yes...) and der Rock ( just can't beat the 6/8 Blues at Arrangement B-52 or the fantastic rock style at A33, can you? Lean on that whah-whah and let her fly!...

A few Country Styles, and some a dat Jazz...Did I ever tell ya the one about how I got my name? It was supposed to be Glenn (hint, hint...) Second hint...It's Miller time!...Yeah, The Glenn Miller Army Airforce Band, now there was a band!

Dance...Killer dance!

Latin...Rube likes this one!

8 and 16 Beat - Part Two


Der Rhythm...and Der Blues

Rock Part One


Rock 2

Rock 3