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Chuck Delp was a pioneer in developing a logical way for i30 users to create custom sets of styles and arrangements of their choosing. He created the idea of the "Void Disk", which I took the time to create on the i30 and save to floppy, and this file is available below along with a set of instructions. The Void Disk voids out or erases all the styles in the user area of the i30. Thus, as you load in one style at a time, in your efforts to build a customized set, each style displaces one of these "void" locations and fills it with that style. What is nice about this is that all the remaining style slots show up as "void" rather than an endless display of named styles that would confuse you and make you forget where you were.

If you cannot affort to buy the excellent program (shareware) created by Alain Fraysee (another fantastic i30 pioneer), called i30 File Editor, then this manual method is still available to you, thanks to Chuck!


Chuck at the helm of his trusty i30...

Click here to download the Void Disk file called "VOID.SET" and copy it to a floppy. This you will load into the i30 as a set, AFTER you are sure you have saved the set CURRENTLY on your i30! (You will have to put the various file extensions back into a folder and call that folder VOID.SET, as you cannot download the folder as a unit). Also download the instructions.

You can then enjoy the fruits of your labor and accomplishment...a customized set of styles, arrangements and programs totally tailored to your own choosing!