Pete C

Try to stay Karma!!

Mon Feb 18 17:46:37 2002


Hi All


Well I am completely SOLD on the Korg Karma. I went to a new

music store yesterday and the dealer demonstrated the Karma

to me - he knew a lot about it and so was able to give an

outstanding demonstration. If (and when - checking with my

wife currently) I get another keyboard, it will be the Karma

as opposed to the Trinity/Triton (bear in mind that I do not

want a sampler).


The Karma's sounds (Triton engine) are magnificent. You can

almost play it like an arranger keyboard - after the demo I

played it for about 2 hours. I was able to take some of the

factory supplied "Combis" and actually play tunes (left hand

chords and right hand melody) similar to an arranger keyboard.

The real-time variations as you play are awesome.


It is very hard to explain, so if you get a chance, go check

it out - there is nothing like it on the market.


For me - i30 plus Karma - the ultimate solution!!!