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Korg i-Series Chatroom and Message Board


Korg i-Series Chatroom and Message Board
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The Korg i-Series Chatroom


***Special Note***
One of two things may be going that may delay the activation of the two services on this page. 1. Evidently they are provided by an outside company, and their server is down for a few days. I'm not absolutely sure about that, as I am personally able to post to both services.
2. Jerry Farmer was given a form to fill out to gain access, and here, too, I am puzzled as I made sure to make this site open to the public. I will keep you posted on both situations. If it is the second one, then perhaps you can try clicking on either link in order to get to that form. Evidently one copy is sent to me to grant access. I certainly didn't want to make is this difficult for you folks to enjoy this page and hope you'll bear with me while we try to get it up and running for you...

Welcome to the chatroom part of the page! (The Message Board is on the second half of the page down below). This is kind of new for me. I think you have to register with Tripod and give yourself a username and password, and then log in here when you click on the white link below. 
I am trying to find out the correct procedure for getting a username and password. The URL I had posted may only be signing you up to build a website (which you should try, it's fun!) I'm still researching how to get you guys to be able to log in as guests!

Scheduling Note #1: The Korg i3 Mailing List is having a test chat set aside on this coming Saturday, March 9th, at 9:00 AM US Central time until 10:00 AM. If you get your username and password, come back then join in. I hope you can get through, I do not have all the bugs worked out yet, and it will just be a test to see if it works. I will probably have school to study for, so if some of you want to get together, I will open the room for you, and if I happen to see a question for me in the background, I will come running and respond! Otherwise, feel free to get together and chat. I picked a time that is a little inconvenient for the US, but not too bad, and hopefully better for Europe, and down under? Probably kind of late (yesterday or tommorow, I can't remember how it works! Anyway, come and help me take the chatroom out for a spin!
Scheduling Note #2: I will open the chatroom this coming Sunday, March 10th, at 9:00 AM US Central Time Zone for one hour for the Korg i30 Discussion Forum folks.


My associate here, Professor Siegfried Korgenhoffer, will be looking in on occasion to see that the conversation is friendly and wholesome!

To join the next scheduled chat, hover just below this text.
When you see the white hand below the finger, click!
(For some reason on some computers the link is not
displaying until you click on it...)


Korg i-series chatroom

Please use the message board below to post any topics
you would like to focus on and when you would like to chat about them. They can then be scheduled and posted here just like the ones above, although these first two are more of a general test just to see if anyone can get through the Tripod maze of passwords and usernames...

Welcome to Glen's Message Board!


Here you can leave messages about upcoming chats and when you would like to have them, or about anything Korg i-series related to this site...or just use it like a guestbook and say Hi and how you liked the site...

Click Here To Enter
Click on the pushpin!

Perhaps some of you could help me get the message board activated (bugs worked out). Jerry S. tells me that he cannot access the message board, even though he has signed up with a username and password. I have successfully accessed the message board from a
computer at school, as the one I use at home is recognized by Tripod and logs me in automatically. I was able to post to the message board from the other computer. If some of you could also try to post, I would appreciate the feedback on how it went. Maybe email me using the link above.

Click here to send Glen an email...